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Rotating 5.5-21

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Equipment Details

The new JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler is designed with complete safety in mind.

A full EN13000 load management system, envelope control and a host of other features and options make this rotating telehandler safe for any job. Fully compliant EN15000/EN1459-2 load management system.

Every JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler attachment is RFID certified as standard.

New Hi-Viz carriage provides best in class visibility through to the fork tip and load.

Full envelope control ensures safe operation in confined spaces.

Sway frames, axle oscillation and auto levelling for level machine placement. JCB’s LiveLink telematics helps protect your machine.

Whatever the application, the new JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler has been extensively tested and proven in real world conditions to give you maximum performance exactly where and when you need it, for all day working.

5.5 tonne maximum lift capacity with a 10% lift envelope advantage.

A turning circle of 4.05m over tyres.

3 steer modes and a travel speed of 40kph, the JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler offers 2.5T lift capacity on wheels.

Best-in-class hydraulic performance in real world laden situations.

Unique regenerative hydraulics harness gravitational forces.

4-piece boom design extends or retracts in one fast, smooth movement.

It’s also why we only have the best, most experienced people working for us. People you can trust and have a good working relationship with.

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